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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  January 29, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

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earlier in the season on halloween night washington's andray blatche offered hometown fans a glimpse of his yet untapped potential. the five year forward displayed an array of shot making inside and out. dribble drives and jumpers on his way to a career high 30 points. tonight he leads the wizards up to new jersey to take on a nets squad desperately seeking to change their miss fortunes. from the garden state the nets host the wizards on comcast
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>> comcast sportsnet brings you wizards basketball. a chance for their second win this season over brook lopez and the 4-40 new jersey nets. hi folks it is great to have you here for wizards hoops on steve buck hans with phil shown ears. looking for somebody to step things up phil perhaps that will be andray blatche when these teams met back in late october enjoyed his best night as a pro. >> the homeowner he had a career high 30 points in that game. only missed 3 shots going 15 of 18. variety of shots inside outside even a three-pointer. he continued that stellar play 17 points and 6 or 7 rebound, but the last few weeks his play as dropped. they need him to get back to that level of play. of course mike miller is back in action. happy to see him there he's only played 16 games because of the injuries, but when these teams met had a team high 11
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rebound to go along with 9 points. of course you can always count on mike for some assists >> so the wizards beat this nets team. they started the year with 18 consecutive losses. they are trying to avoid the worst record in nba histories they got their fourth win against the clippers. and newly acquired chris humphreys has been great. >> they like what they see. averages 14 points 7 rebound that includes his career high two nights ago against the clippers where he had 25 points. their steller player brook lopez he has improved second best among all second year players. he leads the second year players in a bunch of categories. his rebounding block and scoring number one on the team >> second of four meetings between these squads two teams
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battling for consistency respect ability, heck, just plain try to get wins. the topic of oupophy as thwizgeteet
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papa john's order your pizza online at papa john' the meadowlands beautiful each rutherford new jersey wizards beginning a first of a back-to-back they will be home to host the knicks. washington 14-30 on the year. tonight's opponent the nets four wins. two teams looking for a glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel in the short term just a win. the subject of our philosophy 45 with former bullet great phil is that near. >> thanks a lot. both times are finding it difficult to get wins. i'm sure both teams are looking at the other this is an excellent to get one. they rank at the bottom the team that wins tonight will have to bring those numbers up. the wizards and nets have the two worst records in the eastern conference granted the wizards have ten more wins. each rank near the bottom in
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points per game field goal percentage nets are last in points average shooting percentage while next to last in assist for games. which is around slightly better in the same three categories. during their four game losing streak the wizards 40 fewer assists than their opponents. 15 assists and 91 points. get your shooters open to shoot shots that aren't contested. you shoot a higher percentage. in october when the nets came to washington the wizards had 28 assists on 61% shooting. both of these were season highs. now the nets won their first game in 12 tries wednesday against the clippers. that was their best shooting effort all year 53% with a season high 29 assists. it was only their fourth win of the season only if the fourth time they have shot over 50%. both teams know more assists leads to better shooting. better shooting leads to wins.
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stay tuned. we'll have the starting lineups and opening tip right here on comc oooooooooooooo
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not play against the clippers. lopez douglas roberts. kiki vandeweghe took over after frank was let go. he was in his fifth full season as coach of the nets. he became the gm of the nuggets for 5 years. phil: two 7 footers we're going to watch them bang heads in the middle. brook lopez i like his development over the first two years. of course brandon having a career year for himself. steve: papa john's tip. very low tip taken by washington controlled by randy
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foye and we're underway in met- happened. steve buckhantz fill chenier will strike a 4 game losing streak. losing to the clippers washington and heat. washington turns its over on it first possession. the nets have just been mired in horrifying season, but they did get a win if other night and they feel like this is a home stretch where they should be able to perhaps if not turn things around at least get back on some kind of a track and in the long run avoid having the worst record in the history of the nba. phil: like we were talking about you got to have pride regardless where your record is or where you stand. you got to have pride and come out every night give your best. try each game to get a win. steve: douglas roberts drive
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reverses and misses. washington starting the first of a back-to-back will be home tomorrow night to take on the new york knicks first time this season they may the knicks. and that will be an 8:00 p.m. tip-off at verizon center. foye drives beautiful pass. haywood lays it in. phil: good job you notice brendan closes off. that's randy foye delivering the assist. i like that. steve: these teams met back on halloween night. the wizards won 123 to 104. haywood had 10 points 7 boards in that game. but it was andray blatche who had the big night with 30 points. of course gilbert had a pretty good night too he scored 32 in that game. phil: fade away jump shot defended well. steve: courtney lee missed the game against the clippers here the other night with a wisdom tooth. now randy foye open for a three
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that's a little short. douglas r pulls it down. >> that was their first win since december 30th. phil: talk about the points and assists, courtney lee knocks another jumper down. also that was their largest effort they only have three other games to compare that one. steve: three wins at home one on the road. nets began the year with 18 consecutive losses. mike miller little strong haywood goes inside lays it up scores the field goal. he got fouled on the play by brook lopez. strong move by haywood. phil: he's following his own man laws go to the basket. one step one dribble he was at the rim they have come in one of the worst shooting teams in the league.
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washington if they are shooting 46 or above that's probably bad news they also want to start this game on strong get on them early make sure they don't have a chance. dooling had a have good game two nights ago against the clippers. nets are going for their second win in a row. they have done it so far this year. steve: they haven't done it since april of last season. and in fact the last team to go through an entire nba season without at least two wins in a row were the atlanta hawks back in 2004, 2005. the nets with four wins on the year, of course the worst record in the history of the league are the philadelphia 76ers who won just 9 games in a season, and that was in 1972,
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73. nets will play the sixers here on sunday detroit here tuesday. nice shot by randy foye. they think like they can get a win over washington they got philly coming in here detroit they got a chance to do some good things. phil: next four game stretch at home against teams that are struggling as well. steve: from behind by butler and picked up by lee who scores again. lee second year from western kentucky averaging just over 11 points a game. came to the nets from orlando in june in a deal for vince carter. phil: one of those players that has had injuries too. steve: nice pass. haywood nearly traveled. here's butler. he takes the baseline shot and
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rims it. lee again, and he's red hot. phil: yeah. he got his stroke doing. he's certainly feeling good about himself. a perfect 4 for 4 with 8 points by lee. steve: he's going to take a time-out as his team trails now by 5 at the meadowlands with by 5 at the meadowlands with to inst q. re asmanaren - so likelai? likeay ielle - . 7did et ie? ye's k wei yeth a- blueroniw ca fii perv fo get an extra 8% instant savings or 18 montinte. totctro ay player with select samsung t . went.
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steve: wizards trail the nets 12-7 with 7:21 to good in the 1st quarter. these two teams met on halloween night at verizon center. washington shot 61.5% from the field. gilbert arenas had three three- pointers in that game finished with 32 points. randy foye was outstanding he was 7 of 12 from the field at 17 points, and andray blatche came off the bench. making 15 of 18 goals that was a career high for andre and the wizards won that game easily 123 to 104. that was in the third game of the season for washington after they started out with a win at dallas and then a loss at atlanta. foye baseline finds butler.
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has his shot blocked. phil: lee is perfect from the field. he has ten points. steve: lee 5 for 5 has ten of new jersey's 14 points. nets on a 6-0 run and haywood called for a offensive foul good acting by brook lopez on the play. phil: they show good ball movement you see the white jerseys converge in the middle. they turn right back around after washington's turn over and get another sc . steve: last year these teams split four games each team winning twice on the other's home court. that's winning in d. c. by 10
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by 27. the wiz won by 20 and by 11. phil: that was a terrific move by foye he went right at lopez. it was blocked inside the restricted area. steve: lopez turns, fires and misses, and good rebound by jamison. that win over the clippers here wednesday night snapped an 11- game losing streak for new jersey. haywood inside is called for traveling. phil: he shuffled his feet i tell you what that was a pretty good move. normally like to see brendan have to put the ball down on the floor more than once it went strong to the right spun back around but he did get caught shuffling the feet. steve: i like it. it's a great power move, but take an extra step they are going to call you for it.
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that's what mark phil: you got a problem here with courtney lee now he's certainly feeling himself right now he's making moves, making shots first of all making moves of
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game foye
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and mike that last kick call there. he sticks his left foot out there deflects it. steve: terrence williams in the game he had a couple of slam dunks the other night against the clippers that were just heart pounding. phil: he did. also had a team high 8 assists. steve: lopez for tonight's move swatted away . steve: jamison for the jumper way . washington shooting 38.5% from the field. 5 of 13. here's lopez again. phil: i think brendan was charring he was in that -- brendan did a good job
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defending him. steve: stevenson drives for jamison now he has a clean look at a 3 and he drains it. antwan jamison's 56th three- pointer this year. he had his 15th double double against the clippers the other night and kiki vandeweghe wants a time-out. wizards cut it to 7. antwan jamison has made a couple of field goal and five points and we've got a time-out in new
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. steve: wizards trail the nets 21-14. courtney lee has come out taken charge very early on in this game for new jersey. phil: you talked about him sitting out the last game on the clippers. he came out with a whole lot of energy and accuracy as well. perfect in his shots 5 for 5 from the field. made both of his free throws. 17 points in the last meeting already he has 12 points in the first 10 minutes. steve: lee having to switch his number to 6 when he came here from orlando. he used to wear number 11 to honor his former teammate at western kentucky daniel rumble wore the number he died of a heart condition playing pick up in 2005. lee continues his shooting.
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phil: he make moves off the ball he ran deshawn off a beautiful pick was wide open on that shot. steve: lee is 6 for 6 has 14 points. butler drives beautiful shot inside devin harris missed the last game with a sore wrist and now missing his third consecutive game. phil: good pressure by earl boykins he forced the turnover request quinn not feeling comfortable with that turned the ball over. steve: butler against williams. caught a fade away. phil: contact. steve: contact, shuffling of feet all kinds of things going on in that lane. he got the score. williams dumps it in for lopez
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underneath that block by stevenson gets it up and scores and this time he's fouled. phil: lopez got caught underneath the basket but he had to reach back actually
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broadcast not necessarily his name. steve: the wizards saw plenty of courtney lee, and he responded in perfect fashion both free throws a couple of rebound and 14 1st quarter points for the second year star from western kentucky. we've played a quarter here in new jersey in the second of four meetings between these two the nets lead the wizards 26- families searching for loved ones; parents trying to feed their children. but we can all do something. we can help the american red cross as it delivers the food, water, and medicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. visit
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or call 1-800-red-cross. thanks for your help. f e crairy f oesnst. ake-e. y lethin undr pi ere' credit fairy we will. by d time ann: thno m tovingcred bure's andfree f omedtrok
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. steve: last time these two teams washington. new jersey shoots 61% from the field with a quarter. they lead it 26-18. pivotal play starts with a block by brook lopez. phil: brook lopez with the block but you saw four other white jerseys in there. lee cashing in at the other side. morgan franklin pivotal play. steve: we're underway in the 2nd quarter but the wizards suffer yet another quarter where they fell behind by 10
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points in that 1st quarter. jumper is good. phil: sometimes you don't realize he's a 7-footer. you got two 7-footer out there, not right now but starting out with lopez. steve: oteroo starts. steve buck buckhantz phil chenier. we'll be with you tomorrow night when the wizards host the new york knicks as andray blatche picks up a foul. take a look at our statistics presented by your washington area chevy dealers from that 1st quarter. phil: 61% shooting also outrebounding washington by 4. turn over is about equal but
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not the points off the turnovers. 7 points off those 7 turnovers washington. steve: here's humphreys who was blocked initially but got the ball back and scored and he was fouled by tampa tampa press yo. phil: we talked about in the 7 games his average is 14-7. but in two of those games against the clippers he had 21 in the first one scored a career high 25 in the next one. steve: here's boykins in that la marcus can be left in the 1st quarter with bruised ribs and he was done for the night. but some say the clippers were done when their team bus got stuck in new york traffic. imagine that, and arrived here at the arena just 45 minutes before tip-off. phil: we kind of experienceed
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that of course we had a couple of hours of. steve: pad time. phil: pad time that's right. steve: humphreys inside packed in the side by stevenson. he'll go back to the free-throw line. phil: people like the physical play ng iplayer, and we saw the last play
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largest of the game. stevenson drives lays it off for oberto who scores inside. phil: this game last in the
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league field goal percentage 42% right now over 60% shooting. steve: he drives already got fouled. blatche coming inside. reverse layup. missed it mike miller is there to pull it down great rebound by miller. goes for blatche. washington's ninth turn over. humphreys is blocked fouled he will go to the line. humphreys the win over the clippers he needs it because you hear a lot of the same things we've got to compete we got to as to this we got to do that if you never get a positive result it makes it difficult to continue to say certain things and try and do certain things, and they are certainly saying it and doing it here so far tonight against anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app...
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visit washington to visit your three-point play pack now. the wizards get it back. they have committed 9 turnovers in this game. earl has hit a couple of outside jump shots. phil: he's done a good job applying some pressure on quinn. steve: 34-26 lopez lost it into the can what and that will be a violation. he wanted to say it was tipped away. phil: they do that all the time. steve: they are always thinking. phil: even he had to grin a little bit. steve: you know he was smart. he went into the back court and waited as long as he could to touch it hoping maybe somebody would get in there and knock it
8:44 pm
away. boykins again he's 2-2 for the field. here he goes inside, finds blatche. andre spins caught off balance shot mike miller's there but he got wrapped up and then he scores. phil: good reaction from mike miller that was an air ball he was able to get in there quickly and pick it off. steve: wizards cut the 12 point lead in half. dooling with a foul called by mike and it's against washington the nets have won 4 games in 44 previously their worst records was in 1989-90. they went 17-65 that year. they did win 16 games but that was in the strike shortened season. but 1998. here's jarvis haze. wizards score at the buzzer.
8:45 pm
phil: he knew he didn't have much time on the clock. so how quickly he got the relief. steve: jarvis in his 7th year from the university of georgia has missed 32 games this year with a strained left hamstring. dooling make boykins well. miller stevenson. he's going to pull the trigger on the 3 and just right. a . terrence williams pulls up and misses. washington gets the rebound. down 36-28. blatche is fouled and andray will go to the
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the lakers tonight has worked his magic and the wiz are back in this game down by one. ♪ air a ntinnse? malencer tation n i moey? le aer ] ask ock. fick, or ver. h&r getght.
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but he's fouled and he'll go to the free throw line. that ball came right off the rim right into his hands. phil: that ball comes off the front of the rim comes right back to him. he they get the foul on mike miller. i can see why mike is kind of confused because he wasn't even in the play. i mean the closes defender to him was andray blatche i don't think i saw any contact which
8:52 pm
blatche. steve: humphreys is 72% free throw shooter this year makes that one. phil: still trying to argue. but we saw it on the replay he wasn't even in the play. steve: clearly he's perplexed. humphreys gets them both coming from the mavs. the mavs got them from toronto this summer in a four team deal after playing the last three years in toronto. 29 games last year average just 4 points 2.5 rebound. here's mike miller inside for oberto. couldn't quite get it. blatche keeps it alive goes up and scores. how about that. phil: again, i mention the fact that the first couple of plays even though he wasn't converting he was being physical. he was being strong. depend, now it pays off strong offensive rebound. steve: lopez nearly took oberto 's head off right now.
8:53 pm
andre on the rebound. they can take the lead. 4:20 to play first half. washington coming back from 12 points down. here's blatche. nick young spins inside he got hit on the wrist no call and now the call is made by pat fraher. they moved so quickly. phil: went from one side with a spin all the way to the other, and think he was going to look for an outlet pass but he heard the whistle and reacted just tossed this ball up. steve: 44 of 56 from the free- throw line this season is nick young. phil: again, i like what we've been seeing from andray blatche so
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uthey do it at centre court. phil: nick drives this he's going to try an under
8:58 pm
brook lopez big slam ins
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. steve: wizards did a nice job to come back from 12 down. they had two opportunities to take the lead, but have twice turned the washington's bench has come in to try to get this lead. phil: they have found some of his teammates nick young has coming in knocked down several numbers several time we talked about the energy and the strong play particularly inside of andray blatche. steve: 20 points from
9:01 pm
washington's bench, and andray b with five rebound, three of them on the offensive glass earl boykins 2 for 3 from the field has 4 points. phil: let me say something about boykins. that last turn over was unfair because i thought he was fouled and that led him to lose control of the ball. that's why i thought they were going to give it back to the wizards for some reason it was changed. so it resulted in a turn over. as a player you hate that to happen. steve: especially if someone knocks it away from behind you know this is contact and it's not called. humphreys shoots and misses. mike miller has been very active tonight. the wizards have tied the game at 42. he's fouled and he scores. phil: that was inbound after that bucket by flick young you see how quickly they got it to courtney lee and he's showing you some speed from the
9:02 pm
outside. good hustle. here's the bucket. they get it out to humphreys can't waste any time in getting back. earl comes back from the other side tries to get in front of it but can't deny the shot. steve: lee makes the free throw and gives his team the lead by three. steve buckhantz fill chenier comcast crew. blatche against lopez. tough pass for oberto that's knocked away. it will go back to washington. and now brendan haywood comes back into the lineup for the wizards replaces fab oberto. phil: beauty of having somebody like andray blatche i can play him in place of brendan or play along with him. steve: spinning move hit out
9:03 pm
of bounds by lopez. washington's ball with a new 24 @@ boykins for the open jumper. phil: great concentration. it's so hard to keep your concentration when somebody falls down. it has a way of distracting a shooter. that was good concentration by boykins. steve: one point new jersey lead. . dueling drives for lopez, and he is fouled correction three
9:04 pm
second violation. phil: have to get those hands together. you see all kind of stuff coming from over there. steve: yi is back in the game replaces chris humphreys. wizards get it back with a chance to take the lead. phil: good thing. traveling violation by lopez. saw how quickly the defensive players reacted to him. just really smothered him. steve: boykins will take another jumper that's well off. blatche keeps him alive and boykins gets it back. underneath for haywood. he got fouled, and the wizards moving the ball around, but most impressively earl boykins.
9:05 pm
phil: absolutely. that's one of the situation, a good pass you got to know your personnel. that's typical for brendan to handle. blatche keeps this one alive keeps it away from yi. watch the brown bounce pass brendan can't pick it up off the floor in time doesn't catch it cleanly. steve: he's not in the act of shooting so the wizards inbound, down by one. here's blatche against lopez. he'll take the jumper and hit it and the wizards have come back to take the lead by one. (h phil: giving them really valuable rest time. steve: one second difference between the game and shot clock. chris douglas-roberts against miller. drives right side jump is good and the buzzer. how about that. phil: jump shot. steve: and that is the end of the first half. chris douglas-roberts gets his first field goal of the half the short jump up to give his team the lead back but a very impressive come back by this
9:06 pm
washington wizards' club led by blatche oberto miller boykins nick young mostly the bench has done the job along with haywood jamison butler, washington getting scoring from every bench player that played in that first half. so we've got a break, halftime here in new jersey as the wizards come back from 12 points down. it's the nets 47 and the wizards 46. ha g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8
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♪ timckinyicoallyyou mor caranc door elsd ifor,ht. ♪r tiocki hostd swg to morar ice?e hostd swg to : isoo toneso ta morar ice?e . it is halftime here at the meadowlands as the wizards look to stop a four game losing streak. washington trailed by 12 in the first half, they battled back to take the lead briefly at 46- 45 and then new jersey hit a
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t best of four series. so one point the nets lead at the g ovliffand uld savef us
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. half time here in new jersey and the wizards and the nets are hooked up in a pretty good one now 47-46 new jersey after they led by as many as 12. steve buckhantz with phil chenier washington trying to snap a four game losing street to face new york knicks i thought the bench was very impressive in the come back led by earl boykins. batch they outrebounded this team by 7 phil 20 rebound 10 of them offensive led to 13 second chance points. phil: yeah. i mean, especially in the 2nd quarter a lot of good things that you can point to. i thought their defense was pretty sharp and certainly shut them down after the nets shot 61% in the 1st quarter. so a lot of good things but they have to sustain it now. steve: courtney lee he had a wisdom tooth pulled but he came
9:15 pm
back tonight like he never missed a minute. phil: last time he has seen play he finished the game with 17. he only missed one shot 7 of 8. butler 13 minutes intake first half. he and jamison should be well reverted had four points nice move on that play there. lopez getting the shot blocked. he only had one rebound. brendan has done a good job with him. how about nick young washington has three of their bench players leading the way in scoring. nick young one of them with 8. i just really was impressed with andray blatche his physical play throughout that whole first half and this last shot by roberts here. at the buzzer with nine tenths of a secondly. steve: brendan haywood five point and two rebound. again the wizards outrebounding
9:16 pm
new jersey in that first half 20-13. but it was the hot shooting really of lee that has carrie he nets lead the wizards by one. ññññóód
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9:18 pm
9:19 pm
. new jersey's courtney lee got the ball rolling so to speak. he had 14 points early, and his team ran out to a 12-point advantage but washington got their reserves in the game, and
9:20 pm
gave back actually took the lead, and right now trailed by one as we get set to start the 3rd quarter as we look at our chevy first half stat. phil: 60% shooting for the nets. 2nd quarter under 40% much better. both team shooting free throws well. rebound in fact not a lot of rebound. washington has a two rebound advantage. 26-12 and washington's been able to rest some of those guys that play a lot of minutes you got a lot of different combinations to go to down the stretch of the game. steve: courtney lee had 17 to finish that half. meantime washington's bench got scoring from everybody that played. phil: yeah. i mean, it was really a good effort, and they did a good job defensively too because many of them were in there for the most part of the 2nd quarter. nick young had 8 points i like what we saw from him. andray blatche was extremely
9:21 pm
physical and aggressive. a long jumper there. steve: your leading scorers for both clubs washington led by blatche and nick young lee with 17 chris humphreys had 8. and wizards who briefly had the lead and then saw that final shot at the half basically taken by chris douglas-roberts, his only field goal of the game, and he put them back up by one. courtney lee has made 7 of 8 field goals. phil: he came in fine fashion knocking down jump is. it seemed to get him more and more stirred up more and more aggressive. he started making shots from all over the place. did a good job running off the ball a couple of times setting his man for p jump shots off to a very good start. steve: underway here in the
9:22 pm
3rd quarter wizards come to the lakers tuesday. the nets beat the clipsers 103- 87 that was their first win since december 30th. inside lopez's foul he'll go to the line. phil: he gave up that baseline position. lopez was able to slip than along the baseline. he goes for the block gets up in the air leaves a little bit of daylight and lopez slips inside and makes sure he gets contact from brendon. steve: 83% shooter averages 19 points a game he's 18th in the league at rebounding 9.5 per game and brook lopez 8th in the nba in blocks. phil: that's among centers 83% shooting from the line but i missed the first one does a lot of good things well third among centers in assists. steve: he's got 21 double doubles on the year.
9:23 pm
that's 11 most in the nba. a open look little short. pulled d . here's yi for the jumper rims it. miller's there. phil: miller led the team in rebound in the first half. steve: jamison again they swing it to butler. butler against douglas roberts for haywood. brendan backing in. reached in caught him on the wrist they call it on dooling. phil: he has to be conscious of where people are when he goes to dribble take ball. dooling trying to get over
9:24 pm
there quickly but instead commits a foul. steve: wizards home tomorrow to face the knicks. the first time they have played new york this season they played them four times. phil: that's the latest they have made the knicks. steve: i agree. they have played almost every game. jamison ga t& . the wizards let by one, but the nets have come back to score five unanswered points and lead it by four. butler jumpe . douglas roberts off the glass mike miller for his 9th rebound of the game.
9:25 pm
butler's held by douglas-roberts . it will be washington ball on the side. which gives you an indication how earl boykins made things happen when he came in the game. the ball not moving the same way it did when boykins was in the game. randy foye misses rebound underneath. calls a foul it will be on new jersey. it's on yi. that's his second. new jersey picking up some quick team fouls here. phil: one thing that took 13 fouls. steve: only played a little
9:26 pm
over 2 minutes in this quarter. . phil: the pass went awry. he had miller on the weak side the pass was intended for limb but he had already vacated the area. steve: 12th washington turn over. you see kiki vandeweghe became the gm of the nuggets. they brought him here to new jersey in 07 as assistant promoted to gm in 08. and has done some really good things with this team. frank they lost again before they win started out the season with an 18 game losing streak. loose ball will be called on
9:27 pm
new jersey. haywood went for the rebound on brook lopez. phil: brendan was held his alarm was held or he was pushing off with the left because he actually grabbed that ball with the right hand. steve: one more foul on new jersey and the wizards will be shooting with 9:12 to play in the quarter. mike miller comes up at little bit short and douglas-roberts the rebound. second of four meetings this season. wizards won the first 123 to 104. on halloween night in washington. lopez, foye jumped in there to strip it away. randy foye with a terrific defensive play. phil: at the end of the first half jamison came out gave some props some couple of the guys
9:28 pm
on the bench. lopez never saw him. but i thought that was a good move on his part making sure he recognized their hustle and their effort in the 2nd quarter. steve: butler nowhere to go now they need to reset and teams combine for just one field goal in 9 attempts in the 3rd quarter and washington turns it
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
9:31 pm
9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
. steve: the nets have a couple of former wizards on the club. jarvis hayes and that fellow bobby simmons who is in the 9th year in the league he played 30 games for the wizards as a rookie. he was sent to detroit for jerry stackhouse. came back wizards resigned him. he's not playing a whole lot
9:34 pm
phil and he told us a little while ago he's not injured he's just not playing. phil: he's only missed one game with a sore neck, but kind of miss bobby. he's a good guy. we got a chance to visit with him over in iceland he went with us on that trip. steve: it was terrific. how about the grizzlies and the bobcats. phil: bobcats, how about chicago i know they are not on that list. they are out on the west coast they are shaking some names out there. you like to see those surprise teams. the bobcats started off 9-1 in fact. steve: a terrific drive by dooling who just muscled his way under there and made sure the pass went to lopez who scored, and the nets are back
9:35 pm
up by 8. washington will get the ball back wizards had a lead briefly just before the half, but have come out extremely flat here in the 3rd quarter. both teams have until new jersey started hitting. chris douglas-roberts had 6 of new jersey's nine points in the third until lopez hit that hospital. jamison underneath for haywood nicely done. phil: good job protecting the ball shielding it with his body letting the defender go by and dropping it in softly. steve: courtney lee and he got fouled and called on antwan jamison. you saw when we show you that shot of bobby simmons you could see devin harris who is also not playing tonight missing his third straight game with a sore right wrist. devin harris, who was drafted
9:36 pm
by the wizards someth overall in 2004 traded him for the mavs who stacked out a laker for antwan jamison. phil: last year really made a name for himself came over here. had a bunch of 30 point games. steve: brook lopez got up to block that jamison shot he's limping as he comes down the court letting that right arm drag a little bit. antwan jamison is slow to get down the court. and saunders wants a 20. jamison holding that right shoulder. the one he dislocated against cleveland in the preseason on october 14th and missed the first 9 games of the year. phil: yeah. you know, i'm wondering he's had a couple of really good looks out here.
9:37 pm
here's that last play. tarm get contact there holding that shoulder as you mentioned. you're really vulnerable when you extend your arm like that. in some discomfort. steve: athletic trainer eric waters checking the movement making sure if it did pop out it came back. antwan continues to wear that sleeve on the right side. it's really not there for support, it's more for warmth and awarenes if it goes into an awkward position not necessarily that to keep it alive and new jersey
9:38 pm
has the ball. 4:50 to play in quarter number 3. steve buckhantz with phil chenier with our comcast crews. the nets try to win four on the season 40 winter and 40 losses the worst record was the philadelphia 76ers who won just 9 games in 1972, 73. phil: they needed that. really been struggling with their shots in this quarter. steve: absolutely. boykins back off the washington bench. lopez inside, short jumper no good. tip not there. pulled down by politicaller, he's been outstanding. that's . haywood against lopez on a jumper. brendan not there. roberts.
9:39 pm
butler knocked it away and new jersey turned it over. give the credit to today ran butler reached in . phil: you're also going to see randy foye in position to help out and roberts you can't maintain possession it's a turn over. steve: season high rebound. career high 19 rebound when he played back in orlando in 2002. got 11 here tonight. that's no good off the glass. "$
9:40 pm
. 6 point new jersey lead. dooling lost it. wizards bump it in the air. phil: great awareness. he knew boykins was down there but he wanted to make sure he secured possession which is a smart thing to do. and then quickly he was in position to lead that pass down to boykins. steve: wizards force the turnover they come up with a couple of points and they cut the lead to 4. heads you may defensively and the court awareness of butler. with 3:07 to go in the quarter. it's a poi jer : isoo toneso ta
9:41 pm
nu'm jnna esst : isoo toneso ta vo: geico. 1tes save15% e. get hounahe3 mo hingat? : isoo toneso ta ow t som een g toyou. you lo--utte so c i .. i lo i .. otheer l- i' one ank -ou le taoffbeermuch you e grlsnee trips b er l taste grs. you're gorgeous, look at you, i loooov y
9:42 pm
bit careless with the basketball and turning it over. phil: washington has been guilty of that throughout the course of this game at different times. washington trying to
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
quinn for new jersey. phil: love the spin move able to spin-of james is on the inactive list tonight for the wizards.
9:46 pm
butler runs over humphreys no call. yi for the long jumper timed it badly and boykins saves it for washington. 63-58 new jersey with 121 to play in the quarter. boykins high off the glass and in. that went so high that it -- phil: humphreys tracking him. he knew he had to get that ball quick and up high. steve: it barely touched the net when it came through, and blatche will be called for a foul on yi.
9:47 pm
. steve: last year averaged 8 and-a-half points was the 6th overall pick by milwaukee back in 2007 after four years in the chinese league. yi comes out of the game. both he yi's parents were athletes his dad 6'5" his mom 5'8". phil: in that chinese league he had pretty impressive numbers averaged 25 points and just under 12 rebound. steve: played on their national team in the 2004 olympics in athens as well as 2008 in beijing. missing the free throws let's see if the wizards can take advantage down by three and chris quinn called for a foul trying to guard boykins. wizards to the free-throw line. for boykins this will be his first free throws of the game. on the season he's made 49 of
9:48 pm
54. phil: washington not really capitalizing like they would have liked to 57 at half and they were 8 or 9 minute to go. and that will be their fourth free throw tonight. steve: boykins can cut it to one. wizards have led in this game just before half they came from 12 down to take a one point lead. oh, my goodness. boykins misses the second and the lead remains 2 for new jersey trying to win their fifth game of the year. a record of four wins and 40 losses. williams knocked up into the air. humphreys and he's called for traveling. an offensive foul. it is an offensive foul. phil: he had the man up in the air but decided to put that
9:49 pm
left elbow. let's see if we can pick that up. a strong rebound there. twice. steve: twice. phil: yeah you're right. steve: pat fraher making the call. antwan jamison is pack in the game for the wizards so it's jamison boykins, oberto, butler and nick young back in. nick had 8 points off the bench in that first half. boykins jumper good. phil: moves into that shot very nice. i like the way he's playing. he knows he has to get a good lift. steve: he is 6 of 10 from the field has 13 points off the bench and three rebounds and the wizards have tied it at 63. five second difference between game and shot clocks. in the corner for chris quinn. he can do it. he did it in college at notre
9:50 pm
dame. outstanding long ball shooter. jamison will try to answer. that's w%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% . tough game for antwan he got hit in the shoulder. he's 2 of 8 from the field. 7 points and three rebounds. boykins got this team back in the game in the first half after trailing by 12 and he continues to take it up here in the second half and earl with 13 points on the night. we've got one quarter to go in new jersey and the nets lead the wizards
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
steve: we are getting set to start the 4th quarter from the meadowlands east rutherford new jersey and the wizards trail the nets by 3, 66-63. blatche on the baseline guarded by lopez.
9:53 pm
drives inside on him for the fading jumper got to climb over the rim and in. phil: what a good isolation he could see where everybody was who would possibly help out try and attack him. steve: boykins knocks it out of bounds he had a career high of 30 when these teams met back on halloween night in washington making 15 of 18 shots in that game. terrence williams, lopez to chris quinn on a high jumper no good. the wizards are off and running. miller for blatche from the other side of the court. miller around the screen for the jumper. good. mike miller nothing but net. phil: you notice how quickly
9:54 pm
blatche the gave the ball up. set the pick. the defense a little lax and miller had the wide open shot. steve: underneath lopez knocked by miller. lopez wanted a foul didn't get it. phil: he wanted the guy to shoot the ball. that's what he was thinking about. steve: that's a tough pass boykins got up in the air with nowhere to go. he knows he made the mistake and wizards turn it right back over. what a shame. jarvis hayes forcing the baseline. best year in washington was his second in 04-05 he averaged 10 points. he got hurt in february. here's nick young. blatche driving for miller. a wide open jumper. can't quite knock it down and nick young retrieves it. he's reversed by nick young.
9:55 pm
phil: nick was actually retreating to get back on defense and he reacted so quickly. steve: heads you may. pretty play underneath as well to give washington the lead back again by one. and offensive fall is called on new jersey. phil: humphries moving on that pick. steve: the turnover by randy foye and the subsequent slam by terrence williams. phil: young has those energetic legs. steve: you had them at one time. phil: long time ago. steve: holding is called on brook lopez. look at the chef he stats through 3. phil: washington shooting better, getting new jersey percentage down but 12 offensive rebound.
9:56 pm
steve: last year for the second straight year the nets finished 34-48. they missed the playoffs for the second straight season after going to postseason play 7 years in a row. blatche underneath straight pass could not hang on to it and just lost it off his fingertips. phil: unfortunate. everything worked well, in fact, it looked like he kind of made his move to go to the basket before he clearly got that ball in his hands. it's unfortunate. steve: that would have given washington their large effort lead believe it or not. they led by two very early on. here's williams. humphries to williams with five to shoot. jumper not there. wizards battle and blatche has it quickly to boykins with no xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@
9:57 pm
regulation here's miller baseline spinning. for blatche in the open jumper, good. great pass by mike miller. that's his first assist of the game but he has 11 rebound and a time-out new jersey. the wizards who at one point in this game trailed by as many as 12 now have their largest advantage of 3. andray blatche once again must be something about this nets team he's come the bte a r the bte a r malencer tation n i moey? le aer ] ask ock. fick, or ver. h&r getght.
9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
. tickets for the 09-10 home games are on sale now. don't miss the action when the wiz take on the knicks tomorrow night. celtics monday night. vi . wizards with a 71-68 lead. 8:41 to play in regulation. as always our thanks to wizards public relations staff on the trip with us the one only brian serene 0 and scott low and darren jenkins in washington. we'll see them tomorrow night. phil: nice tie. steve: u. s. marines leaders in the game. jarvis hayes back in for
10:00 pm
washington looking and a near steal by nick young as he reached in and got called for th . three of washington's bench players in double figures. blatche 14, boykins 13 and nick has 10 kris humphries turn around couldn't get it. the ball is on the line. phil: i think miller touched it while he was out of bounds himself and that's going to give the ball back to the nets. see if we can pick up good defers again not giving them much to look at. he's hustling. he's on that line. steve: when he reached in right in there at the end. . they give a new 24 to new
10:01 pm
jersey. jumper up and short. and humphries battles oberto pushes him out of bounds and gets called for a loose ball foul. it took derek richardson a long time to call that billy got the right call. phil: got two similar players fab and humphries both very active particularly going for rebound and loose balls there. you see the push at the end there from fabricio. steve: second maybe third points for new jersey. washington just not able to secure the basketball. wizards lead by one. mark wunderlich calls the foul. it's on dooling second team foul second on dooling. phil: both these teams had to
10:02 pm
dig downplay defense make sure they get stop on each possession or at least challenge shot. steve: into the corner miller with the open look that's what you want. mike miller against the lakers tuesday night crossing 9,000 career point mike. he has 7 points here tonight and 11 rebound. phil: boykins, those ball
10:03 pm
10:04 pm
are kind of hooked up. brook is calling for it. that pass delivered not an easy pass to make. steve: he's got about two inches on fab, and he used them all there. converts the 3 point play and just like that it's a one point washington lead. wizards just can't take advantage and build on a lead they have had that problem the last four games. nick young for the open jumper, no good.
10:05 pm
lee drives around blatche absolutely flatfooted. phil: they have the foot feed on him and i think blatche was expecting a little more help there washington set in the half court defense and lee ended up with the two hand oints baby o e on r ine? did vemant f ♪ swees kg atfron, whe co as ton♪ betmes ng.. f ♪ swees kg atfron, whe co as ton♪ : coitch geiallyyou 15% e onnsur ho ed all" ll?
10:06 pm
u colyfor ne o.uerengin a c. ich uld ve?sy, h, mour - uhy mo ur mlite oh. mbli how s thf? ou le ta offbeermuch ll, uld. whate taabouknow
10:07 pm
. steve: 19 points 3 boards 8 of 11 from the field. washington with 32 points in the paint. but untimely turnovers and fouls have hurt this wizards club who led momentsal ago by 4, but have been out scored 5- 0. phil: got to give can you dos to their bench who has been outstanding tonight. they have had a lot of starters that have gotten plenty of rest. steve: miller for young and they go to blatche. to boykins now nick young. nowhere to go. this new jersey defense now
10:08 pm
boykins is rejected by lopez 6 on the shot cl ñ goes -- he comes off his man fabricio gets the block. gave a lot of respect to lopez of there was some separation but he just felt like he wasn't going to be able to get that shot off and decided to pump fake and step. steve: 17 washington chris saunders will get butler haywood jamison back in. see if they can pull this thing out for the wizards and keep new jersey from getting its second straight win for the
10:09 pm
first time since last april. . oberto has just selected the foul and that which is disqualify fab his 6th personal foul. he's coming out any was. along with blatche and miller. saunders getting haywood butler jamison back into the contest. mike miller still in the game. which is around all-star plan come sees caron butler antwan jamison show their true character as they take on
10:10 pm
fellow nba stars from around the league. call 202661 50/50 oar visit wing t that can shoot those free throws lopez knocking them both down. steve: 7-0 storage run for new jersey. couldn't have come at a worst time for the wizards. jamison again he's really struggled with his shooting. been a very, very tough year for both these teams for different reasons. c washington. phil: they came over to deny
10:11 pm
that shot by lee. steve: second of a four-game homestand for new jersey. feel like this is an opportunity to turn things around and at least avoid the dubious distinction of having the worst record in nba history. phil: great recovery by jamison recovered his own mid shot quickly spun around and flipped it back in. steve: again they go to lopez, this time haywood spins on him, good defense by brendan, and they call him for the foul. phil:
10:12 pm
called on washington antwan jamison. phil: we're going to ha
10:13 pm
10:14 pm
rds get the ball back.
10:15 pm
10:16 pm
welome, . comcast sportsnet coverage of wizards basketball brought douby guy car save 15% or more on geico. call 1-800-947 auto. the beautiful meadow land in east with us ford new jersey where the wizards and nets play for the second time this season they will play again february 28th here back in d. c. to finish the series april 4th. last year splitting four games ironically each team winning twice on the other's home
10:17 pm
court. we're tied at 77. it's anybody's game with 2:39 to play. steve buckhantz with phil chenier. let's see who pulls this one it. butler the rebound. and he got fouled with 3 on the shot clock. phil: jamison can't believe that there wasn't a foul called on that attempt of his. washington able to secure the rebound and actually was butler underneath here just a slew of hands and bodies going for the ball. butler comes up with it. will have himself a free throw at the line. steve: fourth personal on lopez. best free throw shooter in the nba. washington lead by one.
10:18 pm
phil: they have to be fresh because they haven't played those extended minutes because they have done so well. steve: wizards by 2 with 2:15 to play. lopez great block by haywood. butler pulls it down. how do you like that block by brendan haywood. phil: he's done a really good job on lopez really kind of taken him out of rhythm. lopez scratching his head. steve: he stood his ground kept his arms up in the air and got a terrific block. now butler for jamison antwan drives lays it up and missed the layup. phil: boy, took care of the hard part. not able t . steve: again they look down
10:19 pm
low. here's roberts for humphries. drives nowhere to go and it's a 24 second violation. the 18th new jersey turn over tonight. phil: this is something we talked about in our philosophy the fact that both these teams very low on assists. when that ball stops moving, then you find yourself in trouble. humphries not really a one-on- one player consumed all time is a violation. steve: biggest possession of the game for washington right here. jamison again with nowhere to go. mike miller short jumper it's an offensive foul. phil: you look for those opportunities to split the zone. he does that with the two players out top but humphries steps in, takes the charge it's a turn over for washington their 19th of the game. steve: meantime new jersey has
10:20 pm
missed its last five shots, plus they will have the ball again as the wizards just unable to build on a lead. they had a four point advantage when they were up 74-70. then got out scored 7-0. wizards once again with an opportunity to stretch it looking at the hustle stats. phil: nets have the advantage in fast break by
10:21 pm
10:22 pm
left alone. they give it to new jersey they could have called a loose ball foul. phil: looked like there was a couple of guys over the back. going to check this out now. steve: going to take a look at this, which is -- phil: interesting thing can check to see who knocks the
10:23 pm
il: yeah. fferent angle. the lapretty sure. again that's lopez' arm last contact. it should be washington's ball. steve: okay. good came by mark wunderlich who says the ruling on the floor stands it's off of lopez. phil: i called it before he did. steve: you get paid to do this he gets paid to do that. phil: i was right. steve: you were definitely right. can you agree that was a loose ball fall on lopez? phil: yeah. steve: that's what bothers me about the call. shouldn't be any question who the ball went on he got fouled. again the wizards with a huge
10:24 pm
off offensive possession. boykins the high jumper no good and dooling the rebound. lopez against haywood spins nice move and he scores. phil: he slightly moves out of position and left an angle and lopez slipped inside when he stayed in front of lopez he has a lot of succe . steve: 17 point for brook lopez, and that ties game you think the
10:25 pm
10:26 pm
10:27 pm
back on his heels all boykins needed knock down the big jumper only four tenths of a second left. steve: i'm told by wizards public relations no team in the nba has won a game this season when none of their starters failed to score or all of their starters failed to score in double figures. phil: we have three players in double figures all of them coming off the bench. again, you have to give, tip your hat to the bench they have done an outstanding job, and that guy right there gets the big shot to put his team up by 2. fab riccio
10:28 pm
fabricio is coming in. how about nick young hitting a high percentage. andray blatche he came off the bench alert and prepared to play. steve: boykins field goal was washington's first in four minutes and it gives them the 2 point lead with four tenths of a second to play in regulation where we know anything can happen. phil: anything can happen that's right. steve: how about your leading scorers all off the bench as we mentioned no starter has been in double
10:29 pm
saw in the 2nd quarter key plays defensively the bench was very productive on the offensive side and it led up to this shot here by boykins high pick and roll. jamison set the ck. ped
10:30 pm
i will see you tomorrow night at horizon center with the knicks have a safe evening eve
10:31 pm
10:32 pm
the career i had in college was to do what i wanted to do. honestly, no, i don't think i thought i could do that. i just wanted to go to college and get a scholarship and play in the classic. that was my big goals back in 1985. time really good fly, and slowly but surely you get older and get the mileage on your body, and you look back
10:33 pm
carolina fan. we figured since we're in the area we might as well go look. initially, i was overwhelmed with the coach. >> grant to me was a perfect kid, player and person. as a superstar i thought he'd be as good as anybody. >> how do you think grant grew? >> he grew incredibly.
10:34 pm
he went into duke as a 17-year- old kid, if you will, and came out as extremely polished college athlete that was very well prepared for the nba. >> i think now guys leave early. if i had left after my junior year i think i would have missed out on so much growth. i think i would have missed out on learning a great deal about coach k. learning about myself as well. >> i tried to take full advantage of him when i had him because i wouldn't ever coach a guy like him again. he's really the most unique player in college that i've ever had an opportunity to coach, and he helped us win two national championships. in his senior year he put us on his back and got us to a national championship game and almost won a third for us. >> that relationship really just coming together and
10:35 pm
forming a bond, and because of that we have a strong relationship now, although different, strong. >> as the third pick in the '94 nba draft, the detroit pistons select grant hill from duke university. boom, the injury, how was the process? >> things were good, you know. i had a wonderful six years in detroit. everything you dreamed of as a kid
10:36 pm
have an injury. >> he never thought why me when things were going well or when things were going bad. >> the injuries sort of take away your spirit or who you feel like you are. it's a physical process, but it was more mental and emotional. but in saying that, you know, i had to sort of reach and dig deep into myself and just find something there that i didn't know was there, you know, because i had to fight. coming up on my life 365. >> so i called the doctor, and i'm like, something is not right. he has a fever and is shaking.
10:37 pm
he said, well, you know, bring him to me. bring him to the hospital. traese abat ye up fd no you likerici dget at eat. om ttch leed yogspa fon youngr taki yous, ly ifeelit. then'ties, theysics ft thk on.
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
i'm real proud of my wife. it's amazing, man. just all that she does, you know. she's a businesswoman, with the children. she just runs the show, you know. i don't know what i would do without her. >> he is probably the most humble guy i know, and it's incredible. it's not something he just says. he walks the walk and talks the talk. there isn't any smoking mirrors. what you see is what you get. >> take me back to the first time you met. >> we met her at the olympics in 1996. grant was on the olympic team in atlanta, and she was there also with him. they had been dating for a
10:40 pm
while. so we started going every night to the basketball games. >> it was all right because there were how many thousands of people there. it was fine. it wasn't like i was going to their home, you know. i think it was in atlanta at the olympics. it was the best way. >> it was easy. we got married in 1999 so we're 10 years being married. your wedding vows are sickness and health, and we've tested that. >> tell me when you first got the call that grant was being rushed to the hospital with the staff infection. >> that was horrible. my daughter-in-law called from orlando about a week and a half after grant had had his fourth and successful surgery at duke. >> the scene wasn't as scary because we didn't know what the
10:41 pm
deal was. he had been spiking with a fever. >> he was laying on the sofa and went into shock. >> he was just shaking. i'm so cold. i just thought he was just exaggerating. are you really that cold? so i go and grab a thermometer. all digital, and i put it in his mouth, and i think he said, like, 103, 102, something. and i'm like, something is wrong with this one. let me go get another one.
10:42 pm
>> somehow i got into the back seat of the car, and my wife was playing ambulance driver and driving me to the hospital. >> i want quite sure where the hospital was. this was like a different hospital than i had the baby in. so i was like, the hospital. i'm asking for directions. >> i'm sitting in the back seat and i have my left leg in the middle of the center console between the driver and passenger seat, and i've got it propped up. my wife's driving, and it's raining in orlando, and she's speeding. all of a sudden she puts the brakes on. >> his arm came around and just slapped me right across my face. i thought i was going to kill him. i stopped the car, and i was like, okay, look, control yourself it stunning that i was
10:43 pm
just in shock. you know how when someone fights you want to fight instantly. >> i had the presence of mind to laugh at moment. i don't think she was laughing. we get to the hospital and go to the wrong hospital. >> i'm like, i'm here to see the doctor. i call the doctor. i don't see you. i realize i'm at the wrong hospital. it's the hospital down the street. so i put grant back in the car, and the people are like, ma'am, don't take him away. look at him. they said it was -- it was nuts. >> i think for me and my wife, seeing the reactions from the doctors really scared us. they put you on the gurney and are running you through the hallway and talking and talk backwards from 100 stay alert and there's 15 people in there trying to hold my arms down, and i felt this pressure on my chest like somebody had 100-
10:44 pm
pound weights on my chest. at that point in time, that was like the first time that i was really scared. i thought, wow, this could be it. >> i realized it was serious. they started asking me, how had he taken anything, could he have od because he was having convulsions. it was honestly, when we got to the hospital it got really bad. >> i think one of the worst tragedies that i warrant can experience is for them to bury their child or think their child is dying. >> gal vin is very good in an athletic crisis, and he stepped up and flew down to florida. grant's doctors at duke at the doctors at the hospital there who were really trying to keep him alive and all, but not dealing with this open cast, if you will, on his foot to take a picture of the incision.
10:45 pm
it looked a little black and blue and the doctor got on the phone and said, you bring him to duke university today. >> this injury was a stress fracture in the inside part of the ankle here. that bone right there broke. that wasn't even described in the medical literature until 1975 as an injury. it wasn't recognized until 1988 as something that was really hard to heal. what i recognized was that the alignment of the leg was what was contributing to the fact that it wasn't healing. in other words, if you take a line and go from your hip to knee to ankle it should be pretty straight, and grant's wasn't. his was way way off. so he was seeing too much stress go up the inside of his leg. so what i proposed for him was that if we break your leg and correct the mall alignment, besides taking care of the fracture, we
10:46 pm
♪(whi tun n't be h♪ >>s wo go
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
touri rkin k evy soved e ofbeing tired, so it's hard to know when you're tireder than the average person because everyone is tired. so i just thought i just need more rest. >> he's on the road to recovery. you guys go on vacation. >> it was actually the first time that we went on vacation in i think three years that he wasn't on crutches. >> at some point during that vacation you come to him. >> right, and i just wasn't feeling well, and i hadn't been for a while. >> as we were coming back from that vacation we're filling out immigration forms, and my wife couldn't fill it out because her fingers, there was sort of
10:50 pm
a pins and needles sensation. >> i had all kinds of tests. i think i was there for like a week. they decided that or discovered that i had multiple sclerosis. >> it's just like you're hit with a ton of bricks. when something happens to you, it's scary, but you can deem with it. when it happens to a loved one, the whole label of ms. >> grant says, we're getting a second opinion. we're going to duke. so we went to duke, and they confirmed it. >> she was very emotional. we both were. but then, you know, i think she realized, look, i want to live. i want to live.
10:51 pm
i guess initially you want as much ive lifestyles and raising families. >> during those times you need someone who's a fighter besides you, and he's that for me for sure. it's like roller coaster. you just ride it. >> all that we've gone through has made us stronger. it's made us stronger and closer. it certainly has made us lean on each other. we've cried with each other and we've been honest and real and poured out emotions to one
10:52 pm
another. i don't know if that would happen if i hadn't gotten hurt or she hadn't discovered or found out she had ms. coming up on my life 365. >> it's sort of a snapshot or photograph through the eyes of the artist. we've come a long way. we have an african-american president now. we certainly have a long way
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
i appreciate my strong family and appreciate the way artist eds have been able to portray women and use the art that i have. >> where did grant's love of art come from? >> i think it came if his dad. again, i'm not a collector, but his dad has collected art now for over 30 years, and calvin has an a third world art collection. grant's collection has concentrated on african- american art. >> i didn't realize it was having any sort of impact, except with while he was at
10:55 pm
duke i guess his first two years he lived on campus. his third year they were allowed to live off-campus and he got an apartment, and i went down to his apartment and sure enough he was buying art. >> i always say art is sort of a snapshot for a photograph through the eyes of the artist. we've come a long way. we have an african-american president now and certainly have a long way to go. but it's a reminder to me of what we've been through. >> you giving back has been important to you. in looking at the charities and organizations that you've been involved with giving back to children appears to have struck a cord with you. >> definitely has. i think a couple of things, one, my parents, and understanding that with great ability comes great responsibility. that was something that they stressed to me.
10:56 pm
just understanding that there are people who paved the way, people who made sacrifices for me, for them as a family, and you want to be in a position to try to help others. >> if you're in a certain position where you can, you should. you can't do it for everyone, but when you can help someone or help an organization get their name out there or whatever it is, it's not that hard. if you feel convicted to do it. >> how do you want to be remembered? >> basically you may fail, but hopefully you did it with integrity and did it the right way. i don't know where this journey goes. i'm not going to play forever and i have a lot of interests and things i want to do and a lot more life to live. but i think the thing that i am sort of proud of and people can take away from what i've tried to do is just doing things the right way.
10:57 pm
that to me is important and that to me is hopefully -- hopefully people will remember that, you know more than the size of my ears. >> he understands it's not about him. he's a part of society. irrespective of what he's done, there's a responsibility to be part of society and not just to take, but to give. >> all the championships and all the all-star games and all the commercials, all the success, you know, i'm more proud of getting knocked down and oooooooooooooo
10:58 pm
f e crairy f oesnst. ake-e. y lethin undr pi ere' credit fairy we will. by d
10:59 pm
time ann: thno m tovingcred bure's andfree important to us


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